• artificial-sweetener[1]

    Artificial Sweeteners – Friend or Foe?

    Humans are naturally attracted to sweet tastes. It has been suggested that early humans found sweetness appealing because it was a way to detect whether a food…

  • thHZ6QEB1G

    Food Cravings – Why You May Not Be to Blame

    Wishing you could control certain food cravings is a common fantasy, and feeling guilty after not being able to do so is a common consequence. The guilt…

  • thDZ31B31B

    Be Proactive in Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle

    Breast cancer awareness and October go together. And both of them go together with the general message I like to get across about weight management: “It’s not…

  • thSBAG1DI4

    Slow Down to Live Better and Leaner

    “Slow down, you move too fast. You got to make the morning last.” Those lyrics from The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) by Simon and Garfunkel…

  • thXGLHA8M6

    When Others Don’t Understand You

    One of the reasons people go to psychologists is because they want to be understood. This need is so powerful that when we don’t feel understood, we…

  • thLX75ZH9C

    Menopause and Weight Gain

    Menopause and weight gain. A lot of women think the combination is inevitable and out of their control. They believe that metabolism and other things change so…

  • WP_20140711_11_37_46_Pro

    Be Aware of Unhealthy Messages to Children

    In some of my recent articles I’ve discussed the effects — both positive and negative — that childhood experiences can have on adulthood. From those discussions, it…

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