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Comprehensive Relaxation Experience

Have you been told you need to relax? Need a little help to relax more about food and weight? Dr. Lavinia Rodriguez has designed a relaxation guide specifically for those with eating and weight issues. But even if you don’t have problems with food or weight, The Comprehensive Relaxation Experience will help you become less susceptible to the stresses of modern life.

Download Dr. Rodriguez’s 20 minute Relaxation Recording to your MP3 player, Smartphone, or computer, find a comfortable place to sit, and listen to her soothing instructions.


  1. Click the “Buy Now” button below to purchase your copy.
  2. Check your email inbox for an email from Dr. Rodriguez with a temporary link to download your copy of the recording. Your temporary link will be available for 2 days from the date of purchase.
  3. Download your file of the recording from your own temporary link.
  4. Once you download the file from your temporary link, you can load that file onto as many of your personal devices as you want. Although the link will expire after 2 days, the file with the relaxation recording is yours to keep and will not expire.

Buy Now 3.99 USD