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Dr. Rodriguez is a master at getting the message out and instantly connects with her audience. She has a refreshing and knowledgeable delivery. Her wise and sound advice is culled from a doctoral degree in clinical psychology; 30 years experience treating all manner of food, weight, and eating problems; and coaching individuals in health and fitness.

Her vast experience combined with a witty, straight-forward and engaging manner, make her ideal for any company who wants to make a positive difference on today’s fitness and health concerns and desires a spokesperson who can deliver their vision with impact and resonance.

“We were grateful for the opportunity to have Dr. Lavinia Rodriguez speak about the psychological issues of losing weight. The visuals, tips and real world examples that she gave were both helpful and will be easy to implement. This is an aspect of health and weight loss that few cover, but she addresses brilliantly.”

Debbie Healy
Work/Life Strategy Networking Group Lead – Tampa

PENDING 017Dr. Rodriguez reaches out to her audience in a way that makes each person feel understood with their struggles and encouraged that they can indeed achieve their health and fitness goals for good. Much of our population is frustrated with repeated yo-yo cycles of dieting and regaining weight. They feel confused as to what to do about it but continue to want to be healthy and fit individuals. Dr. Rodriguez not only shows them why their dieting attempts haven’t worked but gives them clear, honest, and unique guidelines as to how to stop the cycle and get on the road to a life of leanness and freedom.

“Dr. Rodriguez presents wellness as a lifestyle that is rewarding and not overwhelming. Our employees left the seminar empowered and motivated to make positive life changes.”

Bethany Brown RN, BSN
Wellness Educator
Tampa General Hospital

Speaking from extensive knowledge, Dr. Rodriguez relays honest and straightforward information in speeches about these and other weight management topics.

• Why Diets Don’t Work

• How the Brain Can Hurt or Help Your Chances to be Fit for Life

• The Diet Panacea Myth

• Conquering Psychological Barriers to Weight Management

Dr. Rodriguez’s presents to groups of 15 or more people, women’s groups, men’s wellness groups, high schools and PTAs, corporations, and other organizations and conferences of all kinds.

Dr. Rodriguez would love to speak with you about your event and learn more about what you’d like to achieve.

“Dr. Rodriguez provided a great opportunity for team members to learn why dieting does not work.  She shared barriers to weight management and  emphasized developing a lifestyle that sustains well-being.  The presentation empowered us to give more thought to what we do on a daily basis that will improve our health long-term.  It was a great presentation and we appreciated her time and talents!”

Debra Cheek
Wellness Coordinator
Moffitt Cancer Center

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