Read Testimonials for Dr. Rodriguez and her book,
“Mind Over Fat Matters”

“I love your book. My husband does too. Basically a lot of common sense when it comes to controlling what you eat. I am going to buy more books for Birthday and Christmas presents. The absolute best ‘Improving Your lifestyle’ book I have ever read. Most of those books bore me, and I never finish them.”

Stephanie Argo-Ray

“Thank you, Dr. Rodriguez, for writing Fat Matters! For the first time in years I feel empowered to break my diet cycles and be OK with eating normal again. No more rules or diet restrictions. Your book, with its’ easy to understand examples and compassionate tone has given me inspiration to re-focus on Life, not body size, weight or latest diet fad. By far the best, easiest to read, easiest to understand self-help book I have ever read. I wish I had found this years ago.”

Rachel M

Finally! There is genuine help for compulsive eating. Simply put, MIND OVER FAT MATTERS, written in very easy-to-read format by psychologist, Dr. Lavinia Rodriguez, has been the single most useful tool in my weight loss battle. Dr. Rodriguez outlines specific steps to help gain control over food addictions. Speaking from the heart I cannot say enough about this book. I realized as I read, it was time to forget everything I learned over the years because now I found the TRUTH about weight loss all in one source. More than finally freeing yourself from the addiction, there is an angle built into this book that can improve the overall quality of your life. Read MIND OVER FAT MATTERS and I believe you will agree if you apply the principles of Dr. Rodriguez, you will begin to finally feel free.


“Dr. Rodriguez: I really think you did an amazing job at putting such a confusing issue into words. Most self help books I’ve read seem to be too repetitive and round about; your’s doesn’t make me feel weighted down by information and advice that seems unattainable.”

Casy Johnson, Student

“I recently hosted a “Mind Over Fat Matters” party at my home and it was the most informative and entertaining party that I’ve ever been a part of.

Dr. Rodriguez is a fabulous speaker! My friends and I will never be on a diet again! Amaze your friends when you tell them that the d— word is no longer part of your vocabulary. I’ve always heard that a mind is a terrible thing to waste, so what are you waiting for? Get moving!”

Patti Youngblood